Brand •Strategy• Launch

Part of the content rebranding process of GSO Capital Partners & Velti's acquisition to a new, fresh and innovative mobile marketing firm - mGage. From go-to-market strategy, to thrid party vendor set up, to outbound marketing and brand launch.

mGage is a full range mobile marketing company, powering one-to-one relationships and driving relevancy for consumers and engagement for brands.

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Product •B2B• Marketing

Product and lead-generation marketing initiatives for Velti's US product line including mGage® Communicate Pro and Visualize. mGage® Communicate Pro and Visualize are Velti's cloud-based carrier-grade messaging, and multi-channel tracking platforms.

Outbound marketing and lead-nurturing activities were triggered by email marketing campaigns, sales collateral, product sheets, whitepapers and webinars.

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Brand •Launch• Strategy

From website developement, to sales collateral and email marketing campaigns, the Velti Pay marketing strategy saw a +750 site visits and 22 new prospect leads, 15 days from launch.

Velti Pay, is the market leading provider of mobile payment and messaging solutions, helping online retailers, companies and Android application developers to engage and transact with international audiences.

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