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Drakatos is passionate about marketing, conceptualization and idea generation. He loves to write - from blog posts to academic journals - but above all he is a storyteller. From simple, daily ones, to more compelling and industry specific, Drakatos loves a good story. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a word can generate a million images. tumblr

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Based in London, UK, Drakatos is a diverse marketer with over six years in the mobile marketing and advertising industry. Drakatos is fascinated with the endless capabilities of the mobile and cloud technologies and their application on our day-to-day lives. Marketing is his passion and takes pride in producing high-quality outbound marketing activities.

With creativity that does not settle within the standard boundaries, Drakatos employs an outside of the box thinking when generating campaigns and marketing strategies. He loves a good story and he knows how to shape it.

With a problem-solving mindset, he has the ability of translating even the most rigorous and complicated products and technologies into user-oriented and problem solving solutions.

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From incenption to management, to delivery, Drakatos takes joy from delivering a compelling story. And what's a better way of delivering a story than multimedia? Whether a product , a solution overview or a corporate promotional campaign, a video is the best way to create a complelling and a well rounded story.

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Product sheets, email campaigns, sales collater, Ad buys, case studies, whitepapers, webinars and event pitches. Just a number of marketing initiavites that round up a successful product marketing strategy. Drakatos has been involved in various stages throughout a product life cycle both in Europe and the US.

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Part of the Velti team who delivered a broad range of engaging, creative & interactive mobile solutions for National Geographic's documentary "The Last Lions". Velti and National Geographic competed for and won the OMMA Award for the best Integrated Online Campaign of 2011 under the category of Education/Charity/Non-Profit.

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Business Author • Academic Researcher

A marketer at heart, Drakatos is also a writer, corporate blogger, academic researcher and a competent storyteller. As well as being the editor and main writter of the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Stand blog for the past 3 years, Drakatos has been featured on Business Insider and is a published author with his work on the Journal of Marketing Communications.

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